Art Editor

An art editor is a specialist who is responsible for the decoration of published materials, selection of illustrations and general design, and provides the highest possible quality of polygraphic design. The work of an art editor assumes advanced knowledge of the methods of editing graphic materials, polygraphic technologies, being able to work with graphic processing software, and a number of other skills.

Professional Requirements

And art editor must:

  • know the methods of developing art projects for published materials
  • operate the standards of decoration
  • know the peculiarities of the editorial processing of graphic materials
  • know how to work with types, and know the specifics of their usage
  • be able to work with vector and raster graphics processing software
  • know the rules and procedures of preparing graphic materials for print
  • be acquainted with polygraphic technologies
  • know the specifics of using proof marks, the conventions used in blueprints and other technical documents

Professional Duties

An art editor usually performs the following duties:

  • edits visual materials sent to a publishing house, and prepares them for print. This process includes editing and formalization of illustrations, working on the cover and binding, and so on
  • works on the published materials decoration
  • corrects the composition of strips and spreads, mistakes in typesetting and decoration mistakes
  • checks the quality of the originals of the illustrations sent to a publishing house, their accordance to the existing technical requirements, and decides on the possibility of their usage
  • contracts specialists engaged by a publishing house to work with graphic materials (for example, freelance designers)
  • develops and presents the variants of improving a publishing house’s work in terms of design and decoration.
Art Editor